Schwan’s line of Pagoda® frozen Asian appetizers and entrees was underperforming and vulnerable to losing retail shelf space. The problem wasn’t that the product wasn’t good…in fact, it was too good. Pagoda actually was considered too authentic and, because of that, intimidating to consumers who were looking for “mainstream” snacks. The opportunity was to re-position the brand as a new generation of contemporary, Asian-inspired snacks. Schwan’s re-configured the product line, re-named it Asian Sensations™ and hired WomanWise to launch the new brand.

We were given the typical CPG demographic description, “Women 35-54 with one or more teens in the household.” Projective exercises with Articulate Moms™ quickly zeroed in on the oversized influence of their teenage children in making these types of purchases. Further psychological digging with both moms and teens revealed a somewhat startling similarity of outlook and interests between these two generations. Unlike previous generations, today’s Boomer parents and their Gen Y teens share an unprecedented bond built on shared values, beliefs and attitudes. The Emotional Truth™ for Asian Sensations was found within this “common mindset.”

A groundbreaking brand platform was built on the cross-generational shared state of mind between today’s Boomer parents and Gen Y teens. It became the foundation for future product extensions, new distribution channels and the complete re-launch campaign.


•    Five-fold increase in brand awareness
•    13% increase in dollar sales
•    20% increase in household penetration
•    Nearly double retail distribution
•   “Best in the World” Diamond Award, Tribal Marketing