When I started the company 23 years ago, we were all about helping brands to have one voice. It was about driving Brand and Behavior in a single spend and eliminating turf wars.

All of that changed nearly 15 years ago when we were working on a rebranding assignment for SnackWells.

During the SnackWells assignment I had a transformational moment that forever changed my business and my life. We were doing ethnographic research in women’s homes and I saw first-hand the passion and emotional connection that women had with this silly box of cookies. They were actually hoarding and hiding these cookies behind cereal and pasta boxes to keep them away from their children and their husbands.

We found this change in the world with women having more authority and decision-making power in the workplace and yet nothing had changed at home. She was struggling in her efforts to redefine priorities – and it really came down to this box of cookies being a first step of permission to do something for herself.

Based on this insight, we recommended that SnackWells become the brand that would act on behalf of women of all ages. This revolutionary brand platform for the late ‘90s led to an integrated strategy that supported women and girls through a series of intellectual, physical and spiritual initiatives. My efforts were positively impacting women and girls’ lives, and the brand was seeing double-digit growth.

This was my transformational moment.

My business expertise and personal passion would become one. Through our efforts, women would be more deeply understood and their brand relationships would bring greater personal fulfillment. In the end, our clients would have a competitive advantage because they would have more meaningful relationships and relevance in women’s lives.

Today WomanWise has demonstrated that all this is possible. It requires listening, hearing and gleaning insights that have the power to create a deep soul connection™ with female consumers, and then activating that insight to shape and grow business. It’s that simple and that difficult.

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