woman ventureImagine an ordinary day sitting at your desk when you’re told that, “Oprah Winfrey’s office is on the phone; Do you want to take the call?” That’s exactly what happened to Tene Wells when the WomenVenture™ brand materials found their way to Oprah’s desk. WomenVenture is a non-profit organization with a passion for helping women achieve economic success and prosperity. When Tene took the helm she immediately recognized that the organization’s mission and programs were not in alignment, and long-term funding was in jeopardy given the economics of business and government. She immediately knew they needed to think and market like a “not-for-profit business” and not a “social services agency.”

Tene hired WomanWise for her brand and marketing partner. Our work included extensive immersion with staff, volunteers, donors, community partners, board members and of course, clients. Through this process we were able to convey a Felt Understanding™ of the target customer and guide the organization in a complete business plan including services, targeting, branding, positioning, identity and all marketing communications.

Upon seeing the organization’s brand materials, it didn’t take Oprah long to recognize that WomenVenture had a pulse on the deep psychological needs of women in work and life transition, and that they had a business model that worked. Today WomenVenture is a national model and leading voice for women’s economic issues.


•    40% increase in women served
•    119% increase in the dollar value of volunteer hours
•    Recipient of Oprah Winfrey’s Angel Network Award
•    Top Honoree of Women’s Day Award